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Paeonia - Serving signature bubble teas, speciality coffees & delicious snacks
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Thanks to our long time collaboration with Cemblance LTD, we had the opportunity to bring our expertise to Paeonia. The goal was to make a crossover between the classic english tea tradition and the bubble tea craze that is common in Asia.

So, we brought the colorful bubbling tea moment to their customers in order to let them share memorable memories with friends and family when visiting the picturesque sights of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

Cinnamon buns put on a bar.
A laptop with a screen of tea inside and a cup of bubble tea on the right.
A coffee shop full of people talking and enjoying.


Introducing a new way of drinking tea in a country with century old 'Afternoon Tea' tradition, was tricky. After discussing and talking with the client on multiple occasions we have created a strategy that consisted of creating a catchy website that will clearly reflect their brand identity and interior design and provide them with tools to easily manage all the processes that a tea room is confronting.

A previed of a cake & pastry menu with a blueberry pie.A preview of a cake & pastry menu with a blueberry pie.

We love to take care of every detail, starting from the imagery to all the interaction and animation to bring life to the final website.


The main goal for this startup was to generate new business leads and encourage them to visit the physical store. We ended up creating an inviting website that would instantly make you desire a cup of bubbly tea and an easy access to the menu so that clients could easily glance at the products and prices. Automating some processes was essential so we proposed the automation of blog posts with the main social networks. Refreshing yourself during your stroll has never been easier.

Close up of a person holding an iPhone with a screen of a responsive web site.
An iMac with a green loading screen and Paeonia logo in the middle.
A blog post repurposed for different social media - Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.A blog post repurposed for different social media - Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
A preview of a bubble tea menu with prices present.A preview of a bubble tea menu with prices present.
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It's very rare to find designers who are as invested in a project as you are and working with you was the epitome of great design skills and dedication packaged in one single experience.


CEO & Founder @Cemblance

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