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Cruelty free skincare for glowy skin.

Webflow E-commerce Template
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A hero page of e-commerce webflow template that sells sustainable, cruelty-free skincare.


Are you launching a new product on the market or are wanting to update your outdated e-commerce website? Look no further! Our Essence Ecommerce Webflow template has been designed to attract customers and give a modern and elegant look and feel to your website.

This template focuses on simplicity. It has a simple layout, minimal and sophisticated interactions with no unnecessary clutter, so the user can make a purchase in just a few clicks. The typography and color scheme have been carefully selected to give the site a pleasant, uncluttered look and feel.

A screenshot of the Shop page of an e-commerce website template
A screenshot of Essense's About Page and Product Page
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Why we love it

The main focus of this template is to boost conversion and instantly give the impression of the high-quality products the e-commerce is selling. That's why we've included some important features so you can deliver the best possible experience to your users. Here's what we love about this template:

  • A clear hierarchy of information
  • Social proof through testimonials
  • Enhanced credibility through visible 'About' & 'Contact' page
  • SEO focused: easy to add Alt text to CMS images
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly design
A screenshot of the homepage of Essence e-comerce template homepage

Regardless if you are a small business owner, or a Webflow developer working with a client, starting with a high-quality Ecommerce template can save you hundreds of hours that you can spend focusing on other important parts of the business instead.

What's included

The Essence Skincare E-commerce Template includes all important pages you need to create and grow your online store that is easily customizable to make it match your brand. It is perfectly optimized for every resolution and device. What is more, you also get 10 Instagram Posts made in Figma for free. It's that easy to make your brand consistent across all platforms. Just send us an email with your order confirmation and start posting content online in less than 24hours.

Desktop and Mobile version of Fenestra's responsive website.
A screenshot of a Webflow e-commerce template product page and Shopping cart

Main Features


Featured Products

Boost your sale on products of your choice by featuring products in your homepage.


Enhanced Credibility

Build customer trust through visible 'About' and 'Contact' page and detailed FAQ page.


SEO Focused

Clear hierarcy accross all pages and easy way to add Alt text to CMS images


Social Kit

Get 10 free Instagram posts in Figma and make your brand consistent accross all platforms.

Screenshots of different desktop pages for the Essence Skincare Weflow Template
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Launch your website in no time with this fully customizable Webflow Template.

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