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Glamping in Amalfi Coast

The place where the great British tradition of afternoon tea gets a revolutionary, bubbly twist.
Logo Design &
Brand Identity
Alessandro Di Martino -
Owner @Cannaverde
Cannaverde logo on a blurred background.Cannaverde logo on a blurred background.


If you have ever had the opportunity to visit the Amalfi Coast you can instantly picture how perfectly the words 'glamping' and 'Amalfi Coast' go together. Cannaverde is a glamping site that offers a unique way to experience one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

At twenty-seven, Alessandro decided to transform a land full of grape vines and lemon tree passages and make travelers slow down and stop for a second by bringing them closer to the Italian culture and cuisine. And we were there to support him.

Cannaverde welcome sign in front of the entrance.
A view of a hammock and chairs from inside the tent.
A grid representing the logo contruction.


Unlike many hotels and camping sites, Alessandro wanted to avoid to be just another unmemorable accommodation. He wanted a logo and brand identity that would stand out and resonate with his vision and his idea of glamorous camping. Since Cannaverde is set in this breathtaking setting, a tent motif and sea waves seemed a natural choice for the logo, and the color palette just had to resemble the color of the green terraces full of lemon trees overlooking the crystal clear sea.

A close up of a person washing lemons on a fountain overlooking the sea,

Throughout our strategy session we do our best to comprehend our client's goals and sense of style in order to transfer it in our work and ensure complete satisfaction of all the visual assets.

Customized green shirt with the logo of Cannaverde.


The Cannaverde logo is a stylish but lively take on a tent and sea waves incorporated within the name. Although a simple solution, it comes with a smaller alternative logo. The shorter version was used for the hand-made ceramic kitchenware and ceramic decorations throughout the camping site as well as on their website's favicon.

A bottle of limoncello.
A postcard with lemons from the Amalfi Coast.
A brand Identity guide representing the primary and secondary colors.
A coffee and sweet and salty breakfast served in hand-made Vietri ceramics.
A stationary made out of an envelope and business card for Cannaverde.
Quote sign.

A perfect synergy of professionalism and passion.  The authenticity of their ideas is a result of great experience and constant search for new challenges. Feeling lucky that our paths have crossed!

Alessandro Di Martino

Owner @Cannaverde

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