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Vladimir Zdravkovski-
Owner @Fenestra
Fenestra claim on big windows with a Mountain view- Make a great first impression.


Fenestra is a company that produces and installs high quality PVC windows and doors in the Dominican Republic. The company started its business in 2009 and until 2020 relied on its old website. Their previous website was outdated which resulted in high bounce rate and no conversions. What is more they didn’t have a responsive website.

Since more than 50% of users browse websites from their mobile phones, this meant they got clicks but not conversions. Or even worse, users chose to browse the competitor’s website. Taking on a website redesign seemed like a daunting task, but we started with a strategy, we defined the goals and got down to business.

Fenestra website - website homepage, hero section
House with a pool and frameless windows with Fenestra logo.


The website redesign process was all about creating a custom design tailored to Fenestra’s goals. Having in mind the target audience, the logo’s design and the objectives at all times, we gave the website a modern and professional look. Emphasis was also put on the content and SEO optimization in order to rank higher in search results.

One of the priorities for this website was to focus on smart content prioritization which would help users find what they need faster and more efficiently.

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After the website analysis and research, we have completely redesigned the Fenestra website. The use of animations and functional micro-interactions makes the navigation more fluid than ever. Important information are now easily accessible to the user and navigation throughout the website has been simplified to the bone. The conversion rate has been increased, among other things, by offering users quick access to the contacts via a handy floating action button that opens a tailor-made modal.

Floating Action Button with Contact Information.
Desktop and Mobile version of Fenestra's responsive website.
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Hours dedicated to the project

Bounce Rate after publication

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Users contact the company after vising the website

Increase in sales after 2 months

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Anamaria and Almerico, you are the team I didn't know I needed. I was amazed at your ability to turn my ideas and vision into reality. It's been a pleasure working with you.

Vladimir zdravkovski

Owner @Fenestra

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